Øresund Investor Climate Report featured in Medicon Valley Alliance newsletter

The 2018 Øresund Investor Climate Report was featured in an interview with the Medicon Valley Alliance membership newsletter today. It is attached to this bloggpost. Free analysis! Get updated on the Øresund investor climate

On March 6th, MVA member company NY Consulting released the 2018 edition of their Øresund Investor Climate Report. The publication is an independent analysis of opportunities and improvement areas of the investor climate in Denmark and Sweden. It is based on 25 in-depth interviews with Venture Capital funds, Corporate Venture Capital funds, innovation supporting agencies and industry organizations. We used the opportunity to ask CEO, Johan Ny, a few questions about key conclusion and learnings from the extensive analysis work.

What are your key learnings after completing the report? There are many interesting findings in the report, but I would highlight the importance of the continued community building within the Øresund region; where we showcase our success cases and enable investors to meet, build trust in one another and syndicate together. Companies should focus on early interaction with investors to increase the probability of successful financing during development. It is also interesting and exciting to see an increased activity among corporate venture capital units in the region – both when it comes to investments and open innovation initiatives across industries, says Johan.

Why does NY Consulting develop and publish this report? We had a recurring discussion a few years back with investors and client companies on the need for a deeper understanding of investment opportunities and improvement areas in Øresund. From this we decided to independently analyse, develop and launch the first edition of the report in 2016 that focused on the regional investor climate. This year we also included an international outlook to complement the regional perspective. The report is offered to the ecosystem for free as we wish to support cross-border investments and lower entrance barriers for international investors to our region.

What are your thoughts on the future development of the investor climate in Øresund? The report respondents had a mixed outlook on the future investor climate - they were positive for the coming year, but more cautious for the longer perspective. This was due to the long period of unbroken growth we have had in the past years. The consensus was that there will eventually be a decline, however no one knows exactly when or what will trigger it. I personally think we should focus on increasing the visibility of our successful companies as well as local VCs, CVCs and business angels. This will contribute to attract new company founders, experienced management and international investors to Øresund and the Nordics. This could in turn support a positive development on the investor climate.

The report is available for free download on here.

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