A market verified project process

The NY Consulting process is used for development of end-customer vetted Go-to-Market strategies for early-stage small and medium-sized enterprises (SME:s); as well as more established companies with a need to focus their efforts and optimize sales results. The projects have led to collaboration with both private and public healthcare providers in Europe, USA, and Asia.

The process allows NYC to offer expert support for Life Science and Tech companies in early-stage development from pre-seed to Series A investment stages. 

It is also possible to support partnering and licensing with larger industrial players in specific segments.

Early stage packaging

Market validation throughout the value chain
The process allows for licensing and partnering preparation via the company validation NY Consulting achieve with in-depth interviews of the most important stakeholders in each segment. This improves the early stage company bargaining power when conducting partnering discussions. 

Partners among service suppliers
NY Consulting works closely with other specialist service suppliers to cover all commercialization needs for early-stage companies.


a product offering tailored for early stage company development 



Product based business model

The business model is based on the offering of consultant products derived from the NY Consulting process that cover the most important development phases of early-stage companies. 

All projects have a fixed price, fixed timeframe and set deliverables after scoping agreement.